Epigenetics Resources

Epigenetics research, news, and information is growing rapidly on the web. There are many great resources available, here is a list and contact us if you'd like a site listed here.

Resource Description
AACR Human Epigenome Task Force Lists objectives, reports, and leaders of the AACR Human Epigenome Task Force
Histone Sequence Database NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute's histone sequence database.
Human Epigenome Project British/European initiative to map human genome methylation sites. Site has links to data and consortium members.
Epigenesys Network of Excellence European consortia for epigenetics research. Site lists protocols, members, and funding opportunities.
Epigenie "Informally informative coverage" of news, original articles, and products for epigenetics research.
NIH Roadmap Epigenetics Project Excellent resource from the NIH epigenomics project, with links to data, protocols, resources, and participating institutions.
MethDB DNA methylation database (last update 2009).
MethyCancer Database of human DNA methylation and cancer.